June 28, 2017

bind csid (#) does not match session csid (#)


A database's alert log is full of messages like

Wed Jun 28 09:13:09 2017
Errors in file /cloudfs/adr/diag/rdbms/scs12fi/SCS12FI/trace/SCS12FI_ora_16694.trc:
Wed Jun 28 09:13:10 2017
Errors in file /cloudfs/adr/diag/rdbms/scs12fi/SCS12FI/trace/SCS12FI_ora_16694.trc:
Wed Jun 28 09:13:13 2017
Errors in file /cloudfs/adr/diag/rdbms/scs12fi/SCS12FI/trace/SCS12FI_ora_16694.trc:
Wed Jun 28 09:16:25 2017

Errors in file /cloudfs/adr/diag/rdbms/scs12fi/SCS12FI/trace/SCS12FI_ora_16694.trc:

The trace file shows
psdgbt: bind csid (1) does not match session csid (31)

psdgbt: session charset is WE8ISO8859P1


MOS Note "After restart of database suddenly PLS-00553: character set name is not recognized are seen in the alert.log (Doc ID 1599864.1)" is not exactly a description of what has happend, but points in the correct direction.

Reason was - in my case - that an agent which has connected to a freshly created clone of a production database a little to early was stuck with an Character Set which was current at the time of the first connect. After the database has been fully started, the correct charset is used - which now does not fit anymore to the session charset used by the agent connect.


in my case: simply restart the agent ...


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