July 31, 2017

July 6, 2017

ODA X6-2S - upgrade from to ... just a few remarks

Did an update of our ODA X6-2S from to Patch Bundle and want to share some findings. 

The patching process is described quite good in the README - nevertheless, a few remarks:

  • the whole process took about 2 hours - without downloading the necessary files and preparations (for example: read the README ;-))
  • The time, the update process takes, depends on the number of databases running on that system (in our case just four)
  • The README does not clearly mention that the system is rebooted two times. 
    First time after step odacli update-serversecond after step odacli update-storageBut not immediately after the update step - the system waits for 5 Minutes until it starts rebooting (!)
    Do not start any following step before the reboot has taken place and the system is available again
  • README chapter 4 - Post Patching Steps - tells not the whole truth: oracle talks about issuing an update-image command. But, in the Image-Patch README is mentioned that You have to issue a

    odacli update-repository --fileName /tmp/oda-sm-

    Long story told short:
    1. do the 'update-repository' step first 
    2. '--fileName' will throw an error - the command is: '--filename' (all lower case) or - alternatively '-f'
    3. after updating the repository, issue the update-image

That's it, basically. Happy upgrading!


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