April 17, 2019

Upgrading Enterprise Manager 13.2 to 13.3 - missing 'Update' Option in GUI

Tried to upgrade an Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13.2 to the next level of happiness - 13.3 - like I did that for several installations. Unfortunately, the 'Upgrading an existing Enterprise Manager System' option in the 'Installation Types' section of the installation GUI is not available. Usually, this behaviour points to an unavailable or corrupt Oracle Inventory. As additional possibility, it could be a bug as well:
Check MOS Note "EM 13c: Checklist for Upgrading Enterprise Manager Cloud Control from Version to 13.3 (Doc ID 2418352.1)", the 'Known Issues' section: "Bug 28350114 : EM 13.3 Upgrade, Installation Types Screen Is Not Showing the Upgrade Option"


  1. In our case, after verifying that inventory was fine with "opatch lsinv", this workaround did help:

    Remove 'patch-ids' and 'patch-level' attributes in the following files.
    1. MW_HOME/inventory/registry.xml
    2. AGENT_BASE_DIR/agent_13.
    3. Then start the upgrade.

  2. Thanks a lot for Your comment ... unfortunately, this alone did not help. Please see my follow up ...

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