September 3, 2019

Enterprise Manager 13.3 - After Upgrade to DB Plugin 13.3.2: Missing 'Top Activities' Page and Empty Graphs when using 'Performance Hub'

oops - long title ... sorry for that

Starting with DB Plugin, oracle has kicked out the flash plugin and replaced that with JET (JavaScript Extension Toolkit). As a consequence, 'Top Activity' page is not available anymore and is replaced by 'Performance Hub' respectively 'Ash Analytics' and 'SQL Monitoring'. 

That's the good news ... the not that good news is: Both pages will show empty graphs in case the monitored database is of version 12.2 (it works correctly with 18c and 19c)

Solution for that can be found in MOS Note "Usage Of ASH Analytics In EM 13.3 PG Release (Doc ID 2580773.1)". Bad news two (,too ;-)): You have to execute the necessary steps in EVERY pluggable database.



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